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A & A Property Services offer ALL new landlords


•  Legal Expenses Cover of up to £100,000

•  Servicing of Notices – Section 8 & Section 21

•  Can be used for serious breaches of tenancy

A RENT GUARANTEE SCHEME which can be included in our managed service and which provides:

•  Increased peace of mind in an uncertain economy

•  Protection for your income should your tenants be unable to pay

•  Flexibility – you can change your tenants without affecting the guarantee

Our service levels include Tenant Find only, Rent Collection and Fully Managed.  We also provide additional services for landlords who like to manage their own properties at very reasonable rates.




Contact us for further details, and free help and advice.

When you decide to let your property, employing a good agent to handle the letting for you can give you peace of mind. You can trust a good agent to protect your interests by dealing responsibly with the procedures involved in letting and subsequent management.When you decide to let your property, employing a good agent to handle the letting for you can give you peace of mind.

For further information please send us an enquiry.

Fully Managed Service

This consists, initially, of

•  Attending the property to provide a valuation based upon our extensive local knowledge of the market, and agreeing this with you to your satisfaction.

•  Advertising the property to let in available suitable media, including newspapers, internet, window sheets and property lists, and actively marketing the property to suitable prospective tenants

•  Conducting viewings of the property with prospective tenants

•  Putting suitable tenants forward for approval and following full referencing procedures via the independent referencing service MARAS

•  Preparation of the Inventory

•  Arrangement of the initial Landlords Gas Safety inspection (if required)

•  Raising the lease and all necessary legal paperwork

•  Arranging to meet the tenants to sign the above

•  Reading of the meters and informing all relevant utility companies, councils etc of the new tenancy and the dates

•  Free Rent Guarantee for the first six months offered to new landlords upon request

•  Collecting and recording the rent and deposit for the property and banking to our client accounts

•  Protecting the deposit with the appropriate government appointed scheme as required by legislation

•  Raising the initial Landlord Statement

•  Paying the rent across to the landlord’s account direct by internet banking, or by cheque as requested.

•  Sending all the required paperwork and relevant copies to the landlord for record keeping

Managing your property going forward, we

•  Arrange to collect the rents on your behalf and forward them to you as they come in.

•  Debt chase any rents overdue

•  Inspect your property on a regular (usually quarterly) basis to ensure that it is being kept in an acceptable way

•  Provide you with regular inspection reports detailing the results of our inspection (please see the sample report at the end of this brochure).    

•  Act as an initial point of contact for any maintenance issues for your tenants.  Maintenance issues are usually agreed up to a value of £100.00.  Any amount above this will be referred to you for approval.  This arrangement can be flexible if you require and all maintenance issues can be referred to you prior to the work being ordered.

•  Act as a point of contact for Emergencies on a 24 hour basis.  This is the only exception to the above – we reserve the right to order work to be done if the safety or integrity of the property or the tenant is threatened (as in the case of fire, flood or burglary)

•  Arrange renewal of leases at your behest (there is an additional charge for this of £30.00 + VAT)

•  Provide you with monthly statements and an annual statement at the end of the tax year

At the end of the tenancy, we

•  Inform you of the leaving date of the tenants and the check out to allow you the opportunity to attend if you wish.

•  Begin marketing your property to let in advance (upon your instruction) in order to attract new prospective tenants

•  Attend the property with the tenants and check its condition against the original inventory

•  Agree any deductions to be made against the tenant’s deposit and sign the Protection Certificate

•  Inform the appropriate Deposit Protection scheme of the end of the tenancy and of deductions made (if any)

•  Refund the appropriate amount to the tenant

•  Read the meters and inform all relevant utility and council of the end of the tenancy and forwarding address of the tenant

Introduction Only Service

This service consists all of the services provided in the initial part of the fully managed service.  After the tenant has moved in to the property you then assume the management of the property going forward.  However, if you require any additional services (i.e. property inspection, tenant check out etc) we will be happy to provide this as an additional service upon request – just ask us for our current charges for the service that you require.

What is not included

Please bear in mind that if you do at some point need to take a tenant to court to enforce a notice to quit or upon any other matter, whilst we are happy to raise all the relevant paperwork and attend the court on your behalf, we will have to make a charge for these services.  Please ask us for the relevant fees at the time.

Bespoke Service

In addition to the above services, if you are a landlord who prefers to manage their own property but finds some aspects onerous or fiddly, why not ask us about our stand alone ‘A La Carte’ menu of services for landlords where a single service can be purchased ranging from inventories to inspections, tenant referencing to gas safety inspections.

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Landlord Fees

Fully Managed Service

Initial Letting Fee - £equivalent to two weeks rent or £390.00 (£325.00 + VAT) whichever is the lesser

Commission - 12% of rent collected (10% + VAT)

Re-letting Fee - £120.00 (£100.00 + VAT)

Introductory Only Service

Initial Letting Fee - £equivalent to two weeks rent or £390.00 (£325.00 + VAT) whichever is the lesser

Re-letting Fee - £270.00 (£225.00 + VAT)

Rent Collection Only

Commission - 9.6% of rent collected (8% + VAT)

Other Charges

Preparation of Inventory - £90.00 (£75.00 + VAT)

Legionella Risk Assessment (managed property) - £60.00 (£50.00 + VAT) initial - £90.00 (£75.00 + VAT) after

Legionella Risk Assessment (un-managed property) - £90.00 (£75.00 + VAT) initial - £42.00 (£35.00 + VAT) after

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) - £99.00 (£82.50 + VAT)

Tenancy Renewal - £48.00 (£40.00 + VAT)

Assistance with Court Papers - £150.00 (£125.00 + VAT)

Check-out Fee (un-managed property) - £60.00 (£50.00 + VAT)